Blown away by hospitality at Cheltenham

03 Apr 2019

Photo © David P Howard (cc-by-sa/2.0)

There are countless reasons for using an event management company to help you with hospitality event management, but perhaps one of the main ones is that it makes everything so much less stressful!

The PURECo team are past masters at planning, arranging, managing and delivering amazing hospitality events. We recently did just that for several clients who had booked to take guests to Cheltenham.

The March wind roars…

Anyone who follows racing will know that this year’s Cheltenham event was incredibly challenging owing to some freak weather conditions, including winds of up to 38 miles per hour.

Most of the Cheltenham hospitality venues are actually temporary structures, so such high winds pose a serious health and safety concern. The event has to be cancelled if wind speeds reach 47mph, so the fact that on the night before the second day it was gusting at 38mph caused a sleepless night for many event stakeholders.

Shelter from the storm

PURECo’s clients however were reassured with round-the-clock support and guidance throughout, including monitoring weather conditions, keeping people updated, and putting back up plans in place in case of cancellation.

Finally, after a particularly ‘hairy’ night, the green light was given for the event to go ahead and it was all systems go! We were there for our clients every step of the way, checking executive travel, making sure the venues were all in order and that caterers were on track to deliver in spite of the storms. Everything was taken care of right down to handing out hand warmers and umbrellas to guests - which everyone thought was a really nice touch.

This year’s gusty Cheltenham really tested our metal but we came out on top and clients were ‘blown away’ - in a good way! In fact Martin Riley, Senior Vice President of Tarmac, told us that he thought it was the best Cheltenham ever! 

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about how we can help with your hospitality or to discuss Cheltenham 2020. You can also read about other bespoke Racing events that we have organised for Mr. Green and Iko. 

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Blown away by hospitality at Cheltenham

03 April 2019

This year’s gusty Cheltenham really tested our metal but we came out on top and clients were ‘blown away’ - in a good way!


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