Pure Inspiration

Our Approach

It’s all about relationships; ours with you and yours with your target audience. The simple fact is the better we know you, the better we can tailor your event, hospitality or experience to your audience, and the more successful it will be.

Our 3 steps


It all starts with us getting to

know you


Planned with unrivalled attention to



Bespoke experiences that deliver lasting


Getting to know you

We start by learning about you, your business and your audience and understanding exactly what you want to achieve.

This allows us to design and deliver inspired unique experiences and tailored memorable hospitality that meet your specific requirements.

It’s a true partnership, built on personal relationships, our knowledge, expertise and experience, and  flawless delivery that builds trust.

Unrivalled attention to detail

Our team of experts draw on a wealth of shared knowledge and experience to create inspired and truly memorable events.

Every single event we offer or create for you will be the best possible fit and deliver the perfect level of engagement.

Brilliant events that have a real wow factor and ensure that your company and brand are always presented and remembered in the best possible light.

Lasting memories

We deliver bespoke inspirational experiences and tailored memorable hospitality, carried out with unrivalled attention to detail.

Our bespoke experiences and tailored hospitality all boast a real wow factor, ensuring that they live on in the memory.

Truly inspirational experiences ensure your company and brand are displayed in the best possible light and help you build lasting relationships.

Face to Face

We are big believers in meeting face-to-face, so we can get to know you in person, learn about your business, your audience and understand exactly what you want to achieve.

Gavin Hamilton

Managing Director


07827305 324

I’ve joined PURE Co following a long career in the sport and brewery industries. Now, as managing director, I’m looking forward to driving new growth for the business.


Jon Sexstone

Founder and Executive Director


07970 933 387

PURE Co remains my passion, combining my love of sport and event management. I am also a fierce advocate for sustainability and my aim is for PURE Co to become a Carbon Neutral company by 2030.


“PURE Co came to us to understand our business and our clients further as we are always looking for new ways to entertain our valued customers. ”

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“PURE Co handle everything and their event management is superb! They add a very personal touch and it really makes people want to come back for more.”

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“PURE Co have access to a number of sporting celebrities that we like, so we’ve also used them to book sports personalities to enhance events that we’re doing.”

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Ben Harvey
Savvy Media

Ben Harvey
Savvy Media

You get all of the finesse of a corporate event but with the personal ambiance and culture that a PURE Co event offers. This helps us to build relationships with our clients.



If you like what you've read about us so far and want to find out more we'd love to speak to you. You can call us for a chat, email your enquiry or request a free consultation meeting at a time and place to suit you.