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Cricket Events

Whether you’re looking for a leisurely event or some fast-paced competition, cricket offers it all. From the historic rivalry of the Ashes to the exhilaration of T20, cricket offers a unique opportunity to provide hospitality and relax and mingle with your guests.

Tailored hospitality

In addition to PURE Co arranging your Test match, ODI or T20 tickets, we can enhance your hospitality events by incorporating key value-added elements; door to door executive travel, luxury accommodation, fine dining and even extra suncream to stave off the sunburn. 

By adding these unique additional touches, you can enrich and transform the whole hospitality experience helping you build long-lasting relationships with your guests.

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Private and intimate fine dining experience 
with a leading Cricket personality

Share a truly memorable time with your guests by joining a leading cricket personality for exceptional food at one of the UK's finest restaurants. 

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“After getting to know us and asking a lot of investigative questions PURE Co came up with an insightful and intimate event which was current and appealing to us. ”

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“We have used other event management companies in the past, but now we only use PURE Co.”

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“The feedback from customers was very positive - without exception everyone loved it.”

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“PURE Co have assisted Mr Green with a number of events and organised a Cheltenham Festival - which spanned a few days. ”

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Experiences to inspire you

Our tailored hospitality events are created to thrill guests, create unique and lasting memories and display your brand in the best possible light. The case studies below are examples of the inspirational experiences we have created for our clients.

A very special dinner with a cricketing legend

Which cricket fanatic would not want to spend an evening dining with a top cricketing legend in a fabulous Indian restaurant in Mayfair?



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