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Concert Events

From the classical elegance of a full orchestra at the Albert Hall to the latest stadium fillers at Wembley Arena, concerts are a great way to connect with your guests. Whether you want a box for the London Symphony Orchestra or best in house seats for your favourite band, PURE Co can get you tickets to some of the best concerts in the country.

Tailored hospitality

In addition to PURE Co arranging your concert tickets, we can further enhance your hospitality events incorporating key value-added elements; door to door executive travel, luxury accommodation, fine dining and even spare earplugs so you and your guests can fully enjoy the heavy beat!

By adding these unique additional touches, you can enrich and transform the whole hospitality experience helping you build long lasting relationships with your guests.


Call us on 0333 32 32 800 to turn your concert event into reality.

Our Concert Events

June 2020 Events

Tuesday 09 June

The Killers

Ashton Gate, Bristol

July 2020 Events

Saturday 04 July

British Summertime Festival

Hyde Park - 4th-11th July

Wednesday 08 July

Diana Ross

O2 London

August 2020 Events

Saturday 22 August


Wembley Stadium 

September 2020 Events

Tuesday 08 September

Celine Dion

Arena Birmingham

Thursday 17 September

Celine Dion

O2 London

November 2020 Events

Monday 02 November

Elton John

The O2 London - 2,4,6 & 7 November

December 2020 Events

Wednesday 09 December

Elton John

The O2 London - 9, 14, 16 & 17 December

Call us on 0333 32 32 800 to turn your concert event into reality.


Ben Harvey
Savvy Media

Ben Harvey
Savvy Media

You get all of the finesse of a corporate event but with the personal ambiance and culture that a PURE Co event offers. This helps us to build relationships with our clients.


“After getting to know us and asking a lot of investigative questions PURE Co came up with an insightful and intimate event which was current and appealing to us. ”

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“PURE Co have access to a number of sporting celebrities that we like, so we’ve also used them to book sports personalities to enhance events that we’re doing.”

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“PURE Co handle everything and their event management is superb! They add a very personal touch and it really makes people want to come back for more.”

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