Welcoming Larry, our newest recruit!

10 Feb 2019

There aren’t many new members of the team we could get away with covering in client branding or attaching a stretch tent to, but Larry’s not your usual new recruit.

Boasting a mobile cellar that offers eight pumps, Larry the Land Rover is primed to roll up to any outdoor event and get the party started. He can serve beers, ales or ciders as well as transporting an outdoor bar for those who fancy a wine or a gin.

We can arrange an entourage of heaters, caterers and hostesses to join him and make any outdoor event truly memorable.

Call us on 0333 32 32 800 if you’d like to book Larry for your next event!

Call us on 0333 32 32 800 to discuss your requirements

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“I rate PURE Co very highly, they are very good at making clients feel special. ”

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“We have used other event management companies in the past, but now we only use PURE Co.”

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“After getting to know us and asking a lot of investigative questions PURE Co came up with an insightful and intimate event which was current and appealing to us. ”

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“The experience is what really matters and the feedback from customers is always very positive”

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