Reintegrating your team - plan for success

09 Apr 2021

With stage two of the roadmap for lifting lockdown now in place, business owners are keen to welcome staff back into the workplace. Gavin Hamilton has been speaking to business owners about ways of getting their teams back to the office and working at optimal levels.   


"Business owners are finding that after working remotely for so long people can have mixed feelings about returning to their place of work. Some are keen to see colleagues and collaborate in person, others are nervous. Some have been fully engaged throughout lockdown, others lacking motivation and purpose. To achieve a positive reintegration experience it's important to plan ahead."

"We have run numerous successful events designed to motivate staff and build productive working relationships. Our reintegration events are similar, but have been re-imagined and adjusted to respond to the specific challenges created by the pandemic. 

"Virtual events are popular for getting the ball rolling, preparing people for the positive changes ahead, but we are also finding that businesses are drawn to the idea of incorporating a motivational guest speaker to help inspire their leadership teams. 


"We are arranging some inspirational interactive sessions, incorporating insights from some of the world’s best thinkers and performers in elite sport, business, military and performing arts. Hosted by co-founder of Sporting Edge, Jeremy Snape MSc, these events are designed to foster a winning mindset and help prepare staff at all levels for the challenges of getting back to work. 


"Our Leadership in the Boardroom sessions feature a leading sports personality sharing what it takes to create a dynamic and successful team. Participants will reap the benefit of then having a professional sports psychologist show them how to take what they have learnt and use it in their own workplace in order to become a better leader.

"Both sessions are proving popular and businesses are asking us to get things in place ready for when lockdown has been lifted. And after all, the 21st June is not that far away!"

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